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  • Q: What is there to do once I make the move to The Evergreens? Will I remain active?

    Residents at The Evergreens can find activities to fill every day. The schedule of activities and programming also allows each person to choose what to do or what not to do.

    Any resident may suggest activities through the Recreation Committee, or to the Event and Service Coordinator. Leadership emerges as interests develop. Opportunities abound for new experiences, but there is no pressure to participate or to abandon outside activities if the resident does not choose to do so.

  • Q: How do residents at The Evergreens find out information on activities, programming and upcoming events?

    The following means of communication are utilized to acquaint residents with what is happening at The Evergreens and in the community at large.

    • “The Informer,” a weekly newsletter published each Saturday, presents news of all aspects of life at The Evergreens. All events are listed chronologically by day. Special upcoming events are noted on the cover page included with community announcements. Copies are distributed to all residents through the in-house mailboxes.

    • Special notices and a monthly calendar of events are distributed through the in-house mailboxes.

    • The Evergreens information channel, Channel 2 on residents’ television sets, carries information about activities, trips, lectures and dinner and brunch menus, as well as special announcements from Administration.

    • The Evergreens Bulletin Board located on the left side of the hallway coming into the Great Hall is used for information posted by the staff of The Evergreens and the Residents Council. Resident and Community information are not to be posted on this Bulletin Board. Residents are encouraged to check the Board on a daily basis.

    • The Community Bulletin Board located on the right side of the hallway coming into the Great Hall is used for flyers and material related to Community events and items posted by residents. Materials posted here must be dated and approved by the Event and Service Coordinator. The Evergreens reserves the right to remove materials or postings that are not current, are considered offensive, or create a hostile environment, and to dispose of these materials or postings.
  • Q: Are there religious activities I can choose to participate in?

    Residents of The Evergreens come from a variety of religious backgrounds. There are numerous churches and synagogues in Moorestown and surrounding communities. But, there is also a full-time Chaplain at The Evergreens who is responsible for conducting religious services.

    The Chaplain is a priest of the Episcopal Church. There are services in the Emilie C. Williams Chapel on Sunday, and on weekdays in other areas which follow the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. All residents are welcome to attend these services. Baptized Christians are invited to receive Holy Communion whenever it is celebrated.

    The Chapel is always open and available to all residents and staff of The Evergreens. A Rosary Prayer group meets on Mondays at 2:00 PM. On the first Monday of every month, there is a Presbyterian Home Communion Service at 2:00 pm. The second Thursday of every month is a Presbyterian worship service at 11:00 am. Every third Friday of the month there is a Shabbat Service at 1:30 pm in the Assisted Living, Living Room. There is a candle lighting service for the first day of Roshasana and a luncheon for Passover. The Chaplain will help to arrange for services to be conducted by clergy of other religious affiliations when this is desired.

  • Q: What other types of services does the Chaplain provide?

    The Chaplain is also available for spiritual counseling or guidance for any resident or family member. The Chaplain maintains a list of priests, pastors and rabbis in the area and can put residents in touch with spiritual counselors from their own faith communities.

    The Chaplain may assist residents to prepare and update Advance Directives, which include a Durable Power of Attorney and a Living Will. If issues of medical ethics arise, the chaplain can assist in helping residents and families with appropriate decisions. The Chaplain can also assist with planning or conducting funerals and memorial services.

  • Q: Does The Evergreens offer any type of exercise or wellness classes?

    Many activities are available to residents, further promoting overall wellness and healthy living. These include, but are not limited to regular strength and stretch exercise groups, tai chi, aquacise, and open swim.

    Exercise equipment is also available for use, located in the Fitness Room adjacent to the Pool. Additionally, residents are encouraged to walk outdoors or in the halls, choosing the distances most appropriate to their needs.

    A fitness class called FITFUN provides residents with the opportunity to properly learn how to operate the fitness equipment in the fitness room and gain understanding of which equipment is specific and safe for their fitness level. Another class offered at The Evergreens is Tai Chi – which has also been shown to improve memory, and concentration. All classes offered have regularly scheduled sessions.

    All mentioned programs improve strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and cardiovascular fitness. A medical authorization form signed by a physician is required for participation in most exercise programs.

  • Q: Does The Evergreens have any other specific indoor recreation rooms?

    A Game Room, located on the bottom level of the Main Building, next to the woodshop and arts and crafts room, boasts billiards and darts.

    Additionally, Table Tennis can be played in LaMonte Hall and indoor shuffleboard can be played in the Arts and Crafts Room. There are also card and game rooms scattered throughout the residential ILU floors for use by residents.

  • Q: Do you have any location on campus for outdoor recreation?

    For those interested in outdoor recreation, plans for a new putting green are currently underway. Horseshoes can be played by the Greenhouse, and they will be kept in the garden shed.

    Additionally, there are plenty of outdoor walking paths, benches and patio spaces for residents to utilize.

  • Q: Does The Evergreens have a library on campus?

    Yes, The Evergreens has a library that is open for use for all of those who visit our community. The Library is attractive and restful and continues to stock various current readings, with a minimum of six best sellers at a time. Checkouts and returns are easy. There is even a children’s shelf for visiting young readers.

    Like many activities at The Evergreens, the organization, maintenance and services of the Library depend on a volunteer committee (The Library Committee is a subcommittee of the Resident Council Recreation Committee).

  • Q: What about those who have visual impairments? Do you have programming available on campus for them?

    The Evergreens’ Vision Improvement Center, located diagonally across from the Library, has an Aladdin XL black and white and an Aladdin Rainbow color video magnifier which enables those with impaired vision to read and write. The SARA Reading Machine (Scanning and Reading Appliance) is also located in the Vision Improvement Center.

    Residents interested in entering the Vision Improvement Center should contact the front desk who will have Security unlock the door.

  • Q: What creative arts (painting, sketching, drawing, etc.) programming do you offer residents on campus?

    Resident volunteer committees encourage groups or individuals to pursue their creative interests through various art forms and crafts. Classes in painting or drawing are arranged as desired and if interest in specific crafts is expressed, an effort will be made to secure necessary equipment and/or instruction in the Arts and Crafts Room. Residents are encouraged to brush up on old skills and to try new forms of expression.

  • Q: Why should I make the move with my spouse to your community now?

    Moving to The Evergreens is a continuation of your love and caring for each other, helping to keep yourselves and your estate healthy.

    One of the very best reasons to move to The Evergreens sooner than later is that arriving together makes it another adventure in your life together. There will be many new opportunities to enjoy as a couple along with personal interests and individual pursuits that you can then share with each other at the end of a busy day.

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