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  • Q: What is the Resident's Choice program?

    Resident's Choice is a new, special system here at The Evergreens community to record each of our residents’ use of meals.

  • Q: How does the Resident's Choice program work?

    Each resident is given a unique key tag, which is swiped by the staff member in our dining department before they are seated in each of the dining areas.

    Once the key tag is scanned, the information is used to track the overall use of programs, help Dining Service operations in their planning, and, most importantly, to help the Finance department track meal services for billing purposes.

  • Q: Is the Resident's Choice program work in all of dining areas on The Evergreens campus?

    Resident's Choice can only be used when residents choose to eat in the Main Dining Room for lunch or dinner, and at the Atrium for a dinner buffet.

    In the Main Dining Room, each resident’s key tag is scanned at the main entrance by a dining attendant before they are brought in to be seated. If a resident has guests dining with them, the appropriate charges will be recorded at that time. A paper receipt is then available upon request.

    In the Atrium for dinner buffet, each resident scans their key-tag and the meal use records automatically. If a resident is in need of assistance, a dining attendant will be available to help.

  • Q: Can the Resident's Choice program be used for delivered meals as well?

    For delivered meals, medical or non-medical, resident’s menu order will be completed by dining services and the meal use recorded by a dining attendant. There is no need for residents to present their key tag.

  • Q: What if I prefer to pick-up my meal?

    For “pick-up” meals, residents will continue to complete the ordering process either in person or over the phone. There is no need to present their key tag when picking up their meal, as a dining attendant will record each resident’s meal use.

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