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Continuum of Care (CCRC).

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  • Q: What are the levels of care that are provided at The Evergreens?

    As a CCRC, The Evergreens provides three levels of care:

    • Independent Living (ILU)
    • Personal Care (Residential Health Care)
    • Skilled Nursing

    The Evergreens Philosophy of Care focuses around:

    • Emphasis on function, quality of life, and resident choice.
    • Resident’s preferences guide care and treatment.
    • Effort is made to meet the resident’s choice of care environment.
  • Q: Who qualifies for independent living?

    • Not a safety hazard to self or others.
    • Able to meet own nutritional needs.
    • Maintain a reasonable level of sanitation in the apartment.
    • Maintain appropriate hygiene and dress.
    • Able to recognize and respond to danger.
    • May engage the services of a companion, nursing assistant, or nurse.
  • Q: What are the Guidelines for Assisted Living?

    • Not a safety hazard to self or others.
    • Independently goes to dining room for meals without assistance.
    • Can manage hygiene and dressing independently or with minimal assistance (up to 1 hour daily).
    • Can inform staff of needs to address issues such as hunger, comfort, safety, etc.
    • May privately arrange for a companion, nursing assistant, or nurse to help meet needs in performing ADLs.
    • Can recognize and respond to danger.
  • Q: What are the Guidelines for Skilled Nursing?

    • Need for medical/nursing supervision due to physical or mental condition.
    • Need for assistance with eating, bathing, toileting, or dressing.
    • Need to receive rehabilitation services after discharge from a hospital.
    • If more intensive care is required, transfer to a hospital would be arranged.
  • Q: Who determines the proper transition plan should a resident need to move to another level in the Continuum of Care?

    A transition plan is decided by:

    • The resident (or resident’s family if appropriate).
    • The Resident Assessment Committee.
    • Ultimate decision is made by the Medical Director.

    The Evergreens always aims to keep residents in the environment in which they wish to reside; however, safety considerations may take precedence. Ethical principles guide the decision making process.

    The Resident Assessment Committee is made up of various staff members:

    • Medical Director
    • Director of Nursing
    • Director of Social Services
    • Clinic Nurse
    • Charge Nurses
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Chaplain
    • Physical/Occupational Therapists
    • Activities
    • Recreation
    • Other staff members as needed

    The team monitors the functional ability of all residents, and coordinates plans for moving between the levels of care.

    When making a move to one of the health care units, it is important to know that you are encouraged to maintain as consistent a routine as you had prior to your transfer. You should still participate in the activities that you enjoy. New activities will be offered to you, however as a member of The Evergreens community, you are entitled to attend all activities and events occurring within the community. The purpose of your move is to ensure that you are receiving the care that you need and deserve; your lifestyle should not be altered as a result of your change in living accommodations.

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